Art Journaling:

This is an exciting group of workshops to help heal and develop either specific areas by choosing a single workshop, or do a number of classes and really clean house. Develop confidence while kicking anxiety to the kerb or focus on creating a vision of a possible future. Join Dorothy to explore those wonderful funky spaces between your ears and use them to find the fabulous you.

Journaling is not all about what you don’t like or enjoy, it can be a way of encouraging joyfulness when life is going okay, this is a great way to relieve stress on a regular basis when life gets busy, and it is also a great skill to teach your kids.

The difference between art therapy and colouring is the word expression. In art journaling you are expressing, using a preformatted colouring book is relaxing, but not necessarily healing. Colouring alone is a great way to destress, focus along with lowering the heart rate, art therapy does that and more. Dr. Joel Pearson, a neuroscientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia, presented an explanation for the therapeutic effect: “Concentrating on coloring an image may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones.”

This is exactly what Art Journaling does, add a targeted core issue and you can’t help but get ahead of the game in a pleasant and inspiring way. Many of my art therapy clients have not just followed a program of healing with art, but become avid journalists, finding that it brings them to a point of balance on a regular basis. Lets face it, not everyone wants to meditate, but the effects are the same, imagery has an emotive response and if it makes you feel better, you are on the right track.

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Art Journaling: Release Negative Thinking  Dec 12 6.30-8pm

Art Journaling: listen to your heart

Art Journaling: Healing emotional pain

Art Journaling: Healing Anxiety

Art Journaling: Healing the soul

Art Journaling: Healing shame

Art Journaling: Your confident self

Art Journaling: Don’t hold back

Art Journaling: Self Love

Art Journaling: Transformation Mask

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Access your Higher Mind:

balloonfreeAstral Projection, Astral Travel or Remote Viewing, whatever you want to call it you can shift your consciousness with ease to accomplish relocation and see that which is not in your environment.  This is a great aid in readings and honing the skill of far sight (seeing the future clearly in place)

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Develop Far Sight

eye-of-horus-backdropSeeing into the future can be much more than catching a passing glimpse of an event and building a story around it, get precise information to ensure accuracy of predictions for yourself or others. This class will enhance your ability to see events as well as the emotions and influences surrounding them at a point in the future.

Saturday 26th November 7.30-9.30 $20pp Register Now

All Classes are recorded so if you can’t make it on the day, you will be provided with a link to view the Workshop any time.


Recordesisterhood of the rosed Classes $20 per class

Spiritual Development 101

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There are many layers to spiritual & personal development, It is an individual process determined, mainly, by what you want to gain and what matches your personality as well as character. As a rule of thumb, if you are into behavioural changes and seeking to improve your life, spiritual development workshops won’t do this for you, neither will , or learning to see aura. However these are fun to do and if used in line with other developmental processes can add to the overall expansion of awareness.

For a full list of personal and professional programs including weight loss, psychic development, core healing and dna restructuring visit Dorothy’s Programs

A bit about some of the energy modalities and a lot about the Vibrational Expansion Technique®  

Let me break this down a bit, I have seen many individuals                                                         attune to energy frequencies and violet flamefeel better, there are just as many that feel as though they have been thrown under a bus and an equal number who don’t notice any change at all.  For me the worst part is those in the second two groups feel, (or are made to feel) they are unworthy in some way, not ready, or unprepared to make changes.  I see the truth here as, these are the groups that need guidance in their path rather than an incomplete chakra rendition and an energy buzz. To use your resources effectively, know at the outset whether you are seeking expansion into psychic abilities, you want to heal your life, or whether you want a combination of both. To do both you will find yourself engaged in a program of personal development with a spiritual element and it can truly change your life.


reikiMore and more attunements are being used as a means to self heal but they were never intended that way once you moved past Reiki 1. They were the tool of the master practitioner of the healing arts, in recent times  Mikao Usui initiated a resurgence in energy healing, Holding a doctorate in theology gained in Chicago he set about taking his spiritual beliefs and applying them to health practices for the masses. As a devout Buddhist any assertion that Reiki has christian origins were introduced much later by Hawayo Takata, who specifically wanted to expand the reach of Reiki practices into the western world and in so doing gained many wealthy entrepreneurial spirit hunters who were disillusioned with standard theological definitions and guidelines. It is also a mistake to think this practice stemmed from a Buddhists interest in the methods of Jesus in the recounted healing miracles of the bible for obvious reasons, but let’s add to that Shugendo, an ancient and still used energy practice which likely forms the basis of modern Reiki. It is believed that Usui took at least one mountain journey in which he developed the ability to channel energy, the details are a bit sketchy but he would be well aware of Shugendo,  which incorporates Shinto and Buddhist practices. Roles of Shugendo practitioners include offering religious services such as divination, prayer ritual incantations and even exorcism. He was an unfailing student of God but more, I personally believe he was an unfailing student of belief and how it structures your life. In his lifetime he attuned only 16 masters of Usui Shiki Ryoho but attuned over 2000 individuals, he definitely saw a difference between attuning for healing and being a master of healing others, unfortunately this distinction seems to be lost today.


seichimThis is a newer modality in the single frequency energy movement. Patrick Zeigler introduced to the world in 1984 after spending a night in a pyramid and having an amazing energetic experience. He was already a Reiki Master/Teacher of note, but like many went seeking more, he studied shamanism and healing in Nepal, Saudi Arabia, India and Africa. Seichim was thought to be presented to him by the Egyptian Goddess Bastet, a goddess with a leonine head who’s powers of clearing the way and releasing obstacles made her both a fierce opponent and a determined ally, she most closely resembles the symbol known as Sei Hei Ki, I have no doubt that this symbol goes back before reiki and while it is popular to put everything in one place, it can lose it’s energetic value. With a vibrant Egyptian energy Seichim became popular in Australia and New Zealand leading the way for a plethora of healing modalities and choices for anyone seeking practitioner status and Energy Therapy. It is common to find Energy Practitioners holding multiple Masteries, I like this as it means they have undertaken more learning and added an authenticity to their claims. It was because of this however, that i came to realize that even though these masters were selling their modaities as universal and complete, many of them were seeking to expand on that very modality and I was doing exactly the same. It was here that i stopped offering attunements as a less than adequate solution to life problems and development.


500px-Cho-Ku-Rei_(Reiki_Symbol)This was extraordinary as i had never heard the name of this frequency before and it initiated my first understanding of multiple frequencies, There are still many practitioners who use a single frequency even when they have multiple attunements, in fact, i too was doing this. Playing around with energy one day I heard Usui suggest i pull in my Seichim (my first mastery) and once i had done that he suggested i pull in my Reiki, as soon as I did this the polarization was immediate and of a long duration, for 30 minutes all i could do was sit there and wait for the process to complete. No symbols, no drama and far more than a few minutes. When it was complete I clearly heard the word reichim, clearly a blend of the two frequencies already in my repertoire. It also became clear that there was only one other person in New Zealand who functioned this energy combo, getting in touch with her was amazing as everyone else was practicing their modalities as separate, or claiming they didn’t use it anymore when they found something new. What we had discovered was that the combined frequencies of reichim didn’t exclude the original frequencies, it became like a massive cable holding within it numerous other cables all with their own frequency within a complete vibration. I was ecstatic! This became what i used in any session, it was noticeable now that the energy would change in different parts of the body, going from hot to cold, intense or light at will, but not my will, the needs of my clients were being addressed a bit more completely. It was only a start but what a fantastic start it was.

Sisterhood of the Rose:

sisterhood of the roseIn the ancient order of the Sisterhood of the Rose, it took years to gain mastery over crystals, herbs, aroma, colours and earth elemental frequencies. twelve groups of twelve women were all sequestered to focus solely on the task of mastery in the healing arts, ultimately engaging the creative and changeable frequencies of the quantum field. When they finally came back into the world they found that their status had altered, the world had moved on and they could only play a supportive ,rather than a leading role. To this end they held their secrets rather than sharing them as the original intention,  gaining power from their energetic practices and status as healing priestesses. They claim the distinction of having Mary as an incarnated member with their origins stretching back over 300 BC. Today they are often referred to as The Council of twelve, much misinterpreted group as they have not left the earth, but their legacy of mastery lives on through millennium, it is said that the skills are innately acquired at birth for those who willingly follow the path of teaching, healing and truth as a single life purpose.

Vibrational Expansion Techniquedownload:

To Change goldAfter learning and mastering (according to the teaching) a number of healing modalities back in the early 90’s, I found huge disparities between the teachings and what I needed to know if I wanted to be a practitioner of energy therapy, back then no one called it that, but it is how i framed my own practice. Most of what I learned of meta psychology, energy practices and basic aura came from a few well known sources, the reason being, I was paying for an attunement which didn’t include a lot of teaching. The single most disappointing thing about energy modalities even today is the lack of understanding that there is a difference between mastering a technique of energy therapy and getting an attunement, there is no qualification or distinction in the grab to make money, and yes, i really do see it as that. In my drive to master something elusive, i had many teachers, but it was quickly that human examples fell by the wayside and all of my teachers became subtle realm guides, past energy awareness and channeled information from those who really did master their understanding and practice. There was also a lack of humanity in the modalities i viewed, while all claimed healing none respected the human, i found and still find this disturbing.

To this end Vibrational Expansion is not a new name for old single frequency healing modalities, but a technique specifically multi frequency, there is no need to attune as such, but expand to achieve and add to what you already have, in this there is the ability to repair and sculpt from the cellular network up. For practitioners the training program is comprehensive including twelve expansions in the areas being explored with each module and another six if going on to diploma level. For the recipient there is an expansion that suits their issue and solutions on any level, with the extra twist that the practitioner when experiencing a new frequency or group of frequencies also gains a spontaneous expansion adding to their repertoire. This came from being quite literally sent off to explore molecular rock and roll and then discover that even your little finger, utilizes thousands of frequencies simply to exist, then more to function, that every emotion and thought you have signals an exchange of energy within your body and this alters how you perceive things but also how you behave in any situation or in regard to what you see as solutions. In short I discovered that the very fabric of your being is an explosion of beautiful chaotic and interactive frequencies, it was a hopeless idea to even think of being able to attune to what each and every client may require on whatever level they may require it. Yes it is my baby, but it came about for valid reasons, and at the very least recognizes a genuine difference between a person experiencing expansion in a session or class, and a person who has mastered their craft.

I have always wanted my students to stand out in their abilities and  also to be recognized for the training they have undertaken. While energy modalities are not recognized by any organization and the ones that do are not recognized by any official organization, The Vibrational Expansion Technique reg is set up in compliance with the New Zealand Qualifications guidelines, in the event that official recognition or mandated practices are required in the future this course is well placed to transition directly to a recognized program.

Trance Therapiesdownload


While looking for answers it can be too easy to misfire and miss the main objective, this can lead to months or years lost in an effort to heal or an expectation of perfection. Hypnotherapy is awesome as it takes out the need to dissect every nuance of your life while ensuring advancement at every session. There is still a need to share an experience and value in using energy techniques, especially where there is physical trauma so it makes sense to incorporate all areas for speedy transitions from the past to the present experience while healing into the future.

Trance Therapies have been developed by me to engage both hypnosis and energy therapy practices in each session, add a cognitive component  and to my mind you couldn’t find more effective solutions. These are programs of healing and development, rather than single sessions. As difficult as some things may have been to live with, the beauty of these aside from the rapid shifts is they are a lovely experience in themselves often revealing that subtle undercurrent or moment that repeatedly gets missed with cognitive only techniques.

Trance Therapies

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