Self Actualization: Pathway to Ascension


ascensionDefinition of SELF-ACTUALIZE. : to realize fully one’s potential

This is a course for those seeking a higher spiritual experience of life, to do these we must first visit ourselves to reveal and release those nasties common to us all. grief, fear, anger and guilt. from here we move on to experience expansion. While it is impossible to do this program without having a level of healing it is not a healing program as such. It is perfectly designed for the wounded healer, the seeker who still has trouble letting go enough to have some of those out of this world experiences. If you have a lot of belief around the experiences you have, this may not be for you, it is a revelation and those things you believed before may not stand the test of objective scrutiny.

 With all that said it is an awesome program for the initiated and those who are prepared to be revealed to themselves so they may fully engage in life. Expect to enjoy and have tested your meditative and visual skills, your openness and your ideas, this is an exciting  journey the outcomes being enlightenment and an expanded vision of your world. Skills will improve but we are not seeking that any more than we are seeking healing. This is purely an experiential exercise that is wondrous and motivating. Self Actualization is about knowing who you are, your place in the world and beyond too often in spiritual teaching the focus is beyond your self and yet there is no existence beyond your self.  Your entire world is a view of you.  Knowing your self is the single most important aspect of clarity and autonomy giving you an ability to express who you are rather than what you have been taught. Like any expansion style program some self healing is a part of the process and this course is no different, pushing you past the age old growth blockers, grief, anger, guilt and fear at the outset to allow room for the expansion.

Those that have done this course have found a greater degree of intuitive ability although that is not what we are aiming for, you cannot be more present in the world without being more aware of it.

sessions are 2 hours each weekly or 2 per week which is optimum, with a choice of breaking the program down to meet your needs.

  • Stage one: The Four Releases, The Maze, Self Discovery, Expansion
  • $400 via skype or in person. 4 x 2 hour sessions Buy The four Releases
  • Stage two: Navigation, Living in the now, Expanded Energy Awareness
  • $300 via skype or in person. 3  x 2 hour sessions Buy Living in the Now
  • Stage three: The Creator, The Traveller, The Future: Time Master
  • $200 via skype or in person, 2 x 2 hour sessions Buy Time Master
  • Get the whole program for $800 Buy Self Actualization

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