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core_bodyI believe the most significant issue with healing that for many takes on a life mission approach rather than a solution approach, is the haphazard way in which individuals, and spiritual teachers alike, approach it. The best results will always be achieved by a specific and targeted plan and then following through to conclusion. For the recipient there is an awareness that there is a start and a finish to the process. This does not presume there may not be other issues or levels to address, but one area at a time is way more valuable, than half hearted or bit style attempts that are never really completed. Having said that, I have offered up a cheap download for core healing, as well as the meditation free online with youtube. If you need help and get it, you will find that within months you are in a recognizably better place than trying to explore your experiences objectively by yourself. I say this because my programs come from my own experience which took years and a whole lot of pain to come to terms with. I would expect when you engage in core healing that you will experience the same pain, but for a much shorter period of time, coming out shiny and new in a way you can only suspect as possible right now. The filters of experience don’t leave us with deep and meaningful layers, they tend to just leave us with secrets that we can’t share.

How do you know where your issues come from, what is behind certain behaviours and what do you do about them when you do know? Use the following reference to see which areas may apply to you.

Core Healing: a profound and effective course over 7 sessions, there is a strong body component and we directly approach a core belief to radically change both body and mind health. each session is 1 1/2 -2 hours. This works best when you have a good idea of what problems you have, and where you have undertaken healing or spent a long time looking to resolve issues in regard to your past but don’t feel you are making headway. Usually this is what happens when you are trying to intellectualize your way through emotional issues, it simply can’t be done and is why there is so much time invested and often ultimately failure with cognitive therapies. Being aware of circumstances and their outcomes is not going to address the core of how you feel, like medicine it is addressing the symptoms and that may make you feel better but still leave a need to heal wounds.

seichim7 root causes of disease is a cognitive approach to trauma, where this was sustained over years or reinforced by circumstances to be effective you would need to know the origin of the issues you have been experiencing.

  1. Physical Trauma:  Being physically threatened in any way can lead to feelings of separation and loneliness it would be difficult for this person to feel connected and is often termed depersonalization. Usually due to violent or sexual abuse or both, this trauma creates a lack of trust in life itself, the individual will struggle with recognizing subtle communications and will swing  wildly between what they say and what they do
  1. Emotional/Sexual Trauma: feeling under pressure in nearly any and every way and often experiencing a sense of lack, whether that is love  or money, jealousy or envy is often present and this person may turn away from all material wants rather than feel the pressure but is pursued by it nevertheless. Lives can be ruined by a continuing filter of perception that confuses giving and receiving it is likely to be seen as OCD and other anxiety disorders
  1. Dis empowerment Trauma: This is often the result of vindictive parenting and competitive environments this frequently leads to difficulty in commitment and presents as depression and is commonly called low self esteem. The individual would be no stranger to being called irresponsible or thinking of themselves that way
  1. Heart Felt Trauma: Betrayal is the experience of those who have suffered this trauma early in life    although it can present at any time in response to relationship situations it is common for this to be a symptom of expectations already in play. A fear of rejection can be seen to override even in loving relationships pre empting breakdowns and problems
  1. Humiliation Trauma: we look at shame and guilt, this is experienced by an individual even when they have been a victim and are without blame in circumstances and especially where another person holds authority over them for a long time. It is often seen as agoraphobic, shy and uncommunicative
  1. Reality Trauma; resolves exposure to violent situations  and as an issue is often diagnosed as de-realization, a person will take themselves to another space and typically for children this would be daydreaming, often accompanied by substance abuse
  1. Spiritual Trauma; addresses Freedom of thought which is often the basis of inner conflict and stagnation often at the root of anxieties

I have developed a program (available through my website) that engages both Cognitive and Energy Techniques reducing what, for many, could be years of of psycho-analysis and counseling, to 7 sessions and as many weeks. The results are feeling connected, feeling present, changes in behaviour, improved relationships and being at peace, sometimes for the first time in years if not a lifetime. For those who have no awareness of where a problem may come from, hypnotherapy is a valuable tool and can cut through and reveal core issues. live online or in person one on one trance therapies.

This program was developed by Dorothy Holder Dip.CHyp

seven weekly sessions 1 1/2 hours per session Buy Core Healing

Core Healing: 7 Root Causes of Disease the meditation is now available for download on google play $4.99



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