Dorothy Holder

Learn Tarot

Learning Tarot is one of the more exciting things you can do in the area of esoteric mysteries. There is something indefinably attractive about having access to the mysteries of […]

360 Degree Program

Turning your life around doesn’t have to be a major effort. Using Trance Therapies® you can develop specific areas in a very pleasant way gaining significant results in matter of […]

More and more attunements are being used as a means to self heal but they were never intended that way once you moved past Reiki 1. They were the tool of the […]

Spiritual Development

If you are looking for increased intuitive ability and an exploration of your own strengths, this is the program for you. We all have a starting point that can make […]

Let me break this down a bit, I have seen many individuals      attune to energy frequencies and feel better, there are just as many that feel as though […]

Core Healing: Trauma Exposed

I believe the most significant issue with healing that for many takes on a life mission approach rather than a solution approach, is the haphazard way in which individuals, and spiritual […]