DNA Reprogramming: Healing into the Future


dnaReprogramming  cannot be done solely energetically as you have autonomy over your body and your experiences. You and only you have your parental input, your teaching and your life. It is not so much a spiritual undertaking as a physical one with spiritual ramifications, as your body remembers every single moment of your existence from conception to now, in turn dictating your very perception of life and others, your responses and attitude.

This can only be done by you, for you. All anyone can do is offer their training and skill sets so you can do it for yourself, it is self healing even with assistance. Truth be known all healing is, your neuron connections alter with repeated thought, strengthening the ones you use constantly while weakening those you don’t. These stronger neural links are what we call habits, they are our go to for problem solving, happiness, learning or relaxing. What you do the most, your body will make easier. now isn’t that a scary thought for some.

If you tend to be a negative thinker, it could simply be something you learned, but if you reinforce that over years to adulthood, it becomes the easiest way for you to think. If your mum had post natal depression, she will get over it in a month or two, but it will have left its mark on you and you may suffer unexplained depression that seems to have no fix. The rub here is that you will start reinforcing these neurolinks finding, as time goes by, it gets harder and harder to lift your spirits, you may find yourself surrounded by the people who think like you do, gossips, negative or angry people, and yet through all this you may also find, you don’t like it or judge them for being just like you. Never fear, the answer is in your genes.

 There are 22 strands of DNA. You built your body from a single stem cell, and you continue to evolve your genetic signature throughout your life. The modification is designed to enhance your life experience allowing layers of information so that there is not only less conscious effort in survival, but an evolving body in an ever changing world.  Optimally evolution offers you the luxury of seeking life experiences for the sheer joy of it, something we tend to undervalue and under utilize is this wonderful world we live in.

The cognitive approach to healing definitely has its place as there are those who feel a need for this, either to justify many years of living life in survival mode, or simply because they cannot comprehend a life without an ongoing analysis of past events. this can be a hook tying them to those very same events and worse, to the feelings engendered by them. The aim is to go over something to the point it minimizes the impact, it doesn’t usually work to release feelings or ingrained habitual behaviours. These are not the behaviours you want to rid yourself of as a rule. most don’t even recognize there is anything wrong with their own actions or words when they have been victimized.   What you choose to do to seek happiness within yourself is all good I say as long as you find the healing you are seeking. In particular this is great for behaviours you know you can change, or where you need advice on how to make changes.  Knowing what is wrong with you, does not necessarily lead to a solution for living a healthful life in mind and body, ask anyone who has undertaken years of social conditioning and then years of psychotherapy to try reconditioning. The tendency is to feel better and modify some behaviours, while inside the same feelings continue to be at odds with the life you know you can live. It can work for some, the sad fact is that for the vast majority it becomes a behaviour modification tool, helps to some degree in expressing the issues, but the inner feelings, anxiety and depression can still remain, to a lesser degree for some and no change for others. Life becomes a constant and ongoing battle of inner and outer self. The most interesting aspect here is that an individual attempting to better themselves in this way will feel better, it is like taking a person in pain and giving them a pain killer, it is better, but the pain is still there, it is muted but not gone, you will be taught how to use tools to manage the behaviours associated with those feelings or you will continue to be the same and use the therapy as a confessional giving relief for a time. 

DNA reprogramming takes the approach of altering the body, the genetic signature and in turn a life. Things change that you could never anticipate before the change happens, simply because you did not recognize an attitude, belief or behaviour as something you did rather than who you are. If you find yourself constantly saying to others, this is who I am or accept me as I am, this is a sure indication that something in you recognizes the conflict between who you are and what you do or say. An interesting thought yes? When you find yourself making statements or engaging in behaviours that leave you unhappy with yourself as a person or worse not liking yourself, it is time to investigate the role of your body in your conscious and subconscious behaviours. You may be unhappy with who you are, but in truth you are in conflict with your own genetic signature, heady stuff at the best of times.

With a damn near perfect memory your body guides you through life, seeking the safest way past obstacles andcd88bbf4cb930b4534d6c3b7d8b8727d using whatever survival techniques from the womb to the present it has at its disposal, these are encoded, then en-trained and then modified as you grow. they are not your personality, they are your beliefs, your filters and most basic fears all taught to you by a little code placed within the framework of your body, to save you from the situations that your parents and grandparents both lived through and feared. The modern world changes so much so quickly that the truth is you are unlikely to live through what they lived through, and as your own personality you will take that information and use it in ways that do not reflect the world you live in. the outcome of that is just plain not understanding yourself or feeling out of control in your thoughts and feelings. The only action to take is to build a new platform, keeping the necessities, what is good and helpful and removing those aspects that are limiting and that do not serve you. This is not about trying to forget your own experiences but putting them in a space where they take up a lot less room, while at the same time removing any genetic modification that took place prior to or after your birth.

 All our memories have value it is the physical response to those memories that cause problems chemically altering the body and engaging responses that are no longer relative to your environment. That means even when it is good you could struggle with being present, as a result substance may become a tool and a mirror to those feelings of being disconnected from the world around you emotionally. The disconnection from the present is really a constant connection to trauma. Wouldn’t it be lovely to take a painful memory and be able to inspect it without an emotional involvement, we all have the ability to do this, some do it better than others, these tend to be those who can live in the present moment and so drifting into memory the old emotions do not have the ability to override what they know and feel right now. It is a great way to live and the truth is that any happy person actually does this naturally, if your upbringing and experiences have been challenging and dis-empowering it can be harder as you have not learned to move on but have learned to fear a moment you knew was coming or expected to come. 

That fear can sometimes be the result of actions by others and sometimes it is the fear of another that has been taught to you, pretty much the same way we learn that it will hurt if we get hit by a car, but don’t need to be hit to achieve that fear as usually at a young age a parent will drum that into you by rote until you fear it as naturally as you would fear falling from a great height, that is survival at its best, knowing what may bring about death and injuries without having to experience that state first, escalating what we know about pain to protect ourselves from danger.  

Results of one of the many holocaust survivor Epigenetic Transmission studies:

The team were specifically interested in one region of a gene associated with the regulation of stress hormones, which is known to be affected by trauma. “It makes sense to look at this gene,” said Yehuda. “If there’s a transmitted effect of trauma, it would be in a stress-related gene that shapes the way we cope with our environment.”

They found epigenetic tags on the very same part of this gene in both the Holocaust survivors and their offspring, the same correlation was not found in any of the control group and their children.

Through further genetic analysis, the team ruled out the possibility that the epigenetic changes were a result of trauma that the children had experienced themselves.

“To our knowledge, this provides the first demonstration of transmission of pre-conception stress effects resulting in epigenetic changes in both the exposed parents and their offspring in humans,” said Yehuda, whose work was published in Biological Psychiatry.

It’s still not clear how these tags might be passed from parent to child. Genetic information in sperm and eggs is not supposed to be affected by the environment – any epigenetic tags on DNA had been thought to be wiped clean soon after fertilization occurs.

However, research by Azim Surani at Cambridge University and colleagues, has recently shown that some epigenetic tags escape the cleaning process at fertilization, slipping through the net. It’s not clear whether the gene changes found in the study would permanently affect the children’s health, nor do the results upend any of our theories of evolution.

Whether the gene in question is switched on or off could have a tremendous impact on how much stress hormone is made and how we cope with stress, said Yehuda. “It’s a lot to wrap our heads around. It’s certainly an opportunity to learn a lot of important things about how we adapt to our environment and how we might pass on environmental resilience.”

BCHeal promoWhile talk about living in the now and being present in your life is often preached in spiritual circles it is rarely practiced, it is fair to say that if you spend years focused on your past, past life or lives while trying to heal the present, you are most certainly not living in the now. Is it appropriate to blame past events, no matter how awful, for current behaviours that are either destructive to self or others? I sincerely believe that our experiences can become a tool to build character, but unfortunately they can also become the light that shines on a lack of character. Character can be viewed as the result of learning and understanding, as humans we value it highly in others and in ourselves, it is what we think of as an expression of ones personal values. if you find yourself applying expected values to others that you don’t apply to yourself it may be that you are caught in a trap of dissociation. Substance abuse mimics and induces a sense of the unreal in our world but it is clear that while memory of how one feels during a stint on mind altering substances may be blurred, those indulging are not happier while in that state, often angry, weepy or sleeping. So perhaps the medications and separation from self so keenly sought changes nothing of ones feelings but only affects the memory of those feelings. For example if you are angry as a sober person, you are angry or even angrier when drunk. The only difference is that you remember exactly how you were, what you said and may easily remember the effects or feel guilty, but when drunk you don’t and more, may now blame the booze rather than your self. 

After the DNA program you will instantly have a greater understanding of others and find yourself having those magical or challenging conversations that were miraculously needed right at that moment for yourself or for another person. s You will be more able to express your self effectively enriching others and being an example of connectedness, adding intimacy to your relationships in new ways. Why? because trauma and incorrect life training filters your ability to fully integrate and share energetically with others. This program cannot offer a specific outcome, it offers change on a level that while having speedy results, could take years to comprehend fully. It is to be noted that the results go on specifically for months some changes are only apparent when in certain situations that inspired less than desirable behaviours in the past, others will find anger, feeling out of sorts or even feeling ill for short periods at a times during the first 3 months of completing the program. I am always here to assist and support you when you are not sure through those changes. They are invariably the body making adjustments, physical changes are a natural part of any cellular work, all changes are ultimately beneficial and as your very thinking and attitude changes, so do the choices you make going forward, as for the first time in your life, you are able to see your own possibilities, your own responsibilities and your own potential. This you do through your own eyes and not the eyes of parent figures, teachers or loved ones. 

 DNA reprogramming, undoing the imprints from your stem cell conception, to now

1. DNA Restructure the active years: the present back to 19 years

2. DNA Restructure the responder years: 18 back to 9 years

3. DNA Restructure the absorber years: 8 back to birth

4. DNA Restructure the womb: birth back to stem cell

5. DNA Regeneration: creative imprinting for the future

preferably done as close together as possible. Live 5 sessions  over 5 days is optimum  via skype or in person $500

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