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Learning Tarot is one of the more exciting things you can do in the area of esoteric mysteries. There is something indefinably attractive about having access to the mysteries of symbolism, hidden meanings and the super conscious. Tarot is a combination of skill and intuition but a person who has a deep understanding of the Tarot can give as good a reading as a person with good intuition, and will be infinitely better than an intuitive with moderate abilities.

Every card has within it a kernel of reality, the things we do, the energy motivating our actions the things that hold us back and the things that drive us forward. The Tarot is the law of attraction at work, you are radiating energy and when you ask a question of the cards, you are attracting a like or similar energy. The interplay between quester and cards is dynamic, but no more so than the connection between the reader and the cards AND the quester.

Dorothy is the author of ‘Learn Tarot’ and ‘Tarot Companion, both books aimed at making learning simple and effective. She is also the author and illustrator of Sacred Souls Oracle where any reader can make this deck their own. It is time to move beyond reciting card meanings in books and get back to the true nature of Tarot, which is to allow the cards to awaken your minds symbolic understandings, or intuition. Travel this journey with me one on one live or catch the On Demand workshops. $20 per class, Register Here $90 for 5 classes, Register Here or complete the course for Certification, 10 classes $180. Register Here¬†view as many times as you like or need with Intuitalks easy options. Dorothy’s classes are visually exciting and information rich, once you open the class you can skip slide by slide to make research easy rather than having to fast forward.

The slides are card by card to help you gain insight into the intention of traditional tarot cards, and symbol by symbol

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